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About Us

Horizon has been listening to New Zealanders like you since 2005, surveying on major social, economic and political issues - and also letting your views shape what products and services you're offered. 

All survey data is stored on a secure server and all results are anonymous.

Horizon Research Limited is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and operates the HorizonPoll and Horizon Research Māori Panels, representing the New Zealand adult and Māori adult populations at the most recent census.

NEW! HorizonPoll Māori Panel!

NEW! HorizonPoll Māori Panel!

Horizon Research has a special panel to research the views of Māori nationwide.

We're aiming to make sure Māori are heard, and have some influence.

We are responding to those who make big decisions affecting treaty settlements, investments and policy issues. They’ve asked us to find out what Māori really think.

The panel is open to everyone of Māori ethnicity.

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