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More than 1,300 join new Maori Panel in less 48 hours

9 Mar 11

More than 1,300 join new Maori Panel in less 48 hours

More than 1,300 have joined HorizonPoll's new Maori Panel in less than 48 hours.


Of these 1,050 had completed the first Maori Panel survey, covering issues ranging from the financial position of their households, to how well they feel consulted on iwi issues, if they are personally seeing the benefits of treaty settlements to the future of Maori language initiatives (now costing the Government $250 million a year).


Members of the new Maori Panel are expressing support for the opportunity to be heard and for Maori opinion to be properly researched.


Typical comments include


  • Thank you for the opportunity to inform you of my opinion as a Maori.
  • Thank you for this forum. I hope it means something. I hope it is worthwile. Either way, Thank you for this opportunity to voice my concerns.
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to have my say, this is a great research suvey.
  • Thanks for caring about Maori.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this survey.
  • That was a well rounded survey, thanks.
  • That was quite an interesting survey thanks for making me think i appreciate you ....
  • This is a good way of sounding off some of our opinions
  • This is the first survey I have done that asks good questions that I am personally interested in.
  • This is very interesting and important - I believe many people, including many Maori, either do not understand New Zealand's political processes or feel removed, alienated, disenfranchised from it. this survey has made me realise how much i "dont know" and therefore, i will try to gain more info about these issues etc....
  • Thank you. keep up the great work!
  • This survey most certainly gives food for thought. Well done! Kia Ora!
  • This survey was a good start. perhaps more topics could be canvassed relating to health, welfare and education.

We're aiming to make sure Maori are heard, and have some influence.


We are responding to those who make big decisions affecting Maori treaty settlements, investments and policy issues. They’ve asked us to find out what Maori really think.


The panel is open to everyone of Maori ethnicity.


When you click here to register right now you'll also have an opportunity to complete the first HorizonPoll Maori Panel survey.


You can have your say on issues like


  • how you're being consulted by your iwi
  • if you've personally seen any of the benefits of treaty settlements and investments,
  • and what you'd most like the political parties to do right now for you and others.

To say thanks, you'll be in our March 31 draw for a fabulous 16GB Wi-Fi iPad valued at $799 - and $1000 cash!


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