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Only 11% of Maori find foreshore and seabed solution acceptable

10 Mar 11

Only 11% of Maori find foreshore and seabed solution acceptable

First results from a new nationwide specialist Maori research service show only 11% of Maori think the current foreshore and seabed policy solution is acceptable.


A nationwide poll of 1021 Maori by the Horizon Research Maori Panel, conducted between Tuesday and Thursday (March 7-10) finds 72.1% of Maori care about the seabed and foreshore customary rights issue.  Only 8.2% don’t care at all.


However, only 0.4% find the solution produced by the National and Maori parties very acceptable and another 10.9% find it acceptable: a total acceptability rating of ll.1%.

Some 31.3% find it unacceptable, while 37.4% are neutral.


Some 9.9% find the solution, now in a bill before Parliament, totally unacceptable.


Horizon launched its specialist Maori research service in response to demand from organisations involved in major investment decisions who wanted to find out what Maori really think.


The online panel has gathered more than 1,462 members since 10.30am Tuesday.


Some 1,021 responded to questions on the foreshore and seabed issue. Weighted by age, gender, personal income, employment status, region and party vote 2008 to provide a representative sample of the Maori population at the 2006 census, the poll has a maximum margin of error of +/- 3.1%.


The first survey is also producing information on how well Maori feel consulted on iwi and treaty issues, who they believe is benefitting most and least from iwi investments and treaty settlements, and the issues Maori would most like addressed in the next three years.


Horizon Research Manager Grant McInman says  comments from hundreds of the respondents show they are excited to have a way of being heard through the new research service and are hoping decision makers will take notice of their views.


More than 71% believe they are inadequately or poorly consulted on issues by their iwi.