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45% more Kiwis aim to change jobs in 2013

10 Jan 13

45% more Kiwis aim to change jobs in 2013
386,000 adults will look to change jobs in 2013

12% of Kiwis 18 years of age or over will look to change jobs in the next twelve months, according to a recent HorizonPoll, and one in twenty will look to go overseas to work. 


Horizon Research has been listening to New Zealanders’ personal view of their employment prospects over multiple surveys since early 2011 and says that that both of these results are higher than in previous surveys.


“There is definitely a lift in the number of New Zealanders looking to change their jobs in the next 12 months,” says Grant McInman, manager of Horizon Research Limited.  “We have been seeing the number averaging around 266,000; this survey shows 386,000 looking for a change.”


People with university degrees are more likely than average to be looking for a change this year, as are people in government administration or defence roles, agriculture, fishing or forestry roles, retail trade, wholesale trade ad communication services.  Seeking a change is less likely from those in construction, recreation services, finance or insurance and transport or storage roles.


While increased numbers of people are looking for a change, the number that thinks that they will lose their jobs has declined slightly, from around 144,000 in 2011 to 121,000 now.


“Those who think they will lose their jobs also seem to be more confident about finding another,” McInman says.  In past surveys 86% of those who thought they would lose their jobs thought that finding another job would be difficult.  In this survey, 67% thought they would have difficulty. 


Based on the results of the October 2012 survey of 3160 New Zealanders, another 177,000 Kiwis are looking to go overseas to work.  65% of them say that will be temporarily, but for 35% or 62,000 New Zealanders, it will be permanent.


40% of those looking to go overseas to work are not currently in paid employment, but 16,000 are likely to come from the construction sector, the survey shows.


Thinking about your own employment prospects, what do you think will happen during the next 12 months, if anything?



I will keep my current job


I will lose my current job and easily find another


I will lose my current job and it will be hard to find another


I will change jobs easily


I will change jobs with difficulty


I will go overseas to work temporarily


I will go overseas to work permanently


None of these


Other – please specify






The HorizonPoll survey of 3161 respondents aged 18+ was conducted nationwide in October 2012.


Weighted by age, gender, ethnicity, education level, personal income and party vote 2011, to represent the New Zealand adult population at the 2006 census and last general election, the survey has a maximum margin of error of +/-1.8%


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