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79% want fairer savings taxes

30 Jul 14

79% want fairer savings taxes
Consumer NZ's web site, announcing the push for lower savings taxes: 79% support reform

79% of New Zealanders want lower taxes on their savings, according to independent polling for the Financial Services Council in June-July, 2014.


More than two million New Zealanders have funds in KiwiSaver.


More than 750,000 adults currently have term deposits.


While 79% want lower taxes on long-term savings investments only 2% oppose.

The Horizon Research survey of 2,188 respondents, representing the adult population nationwide (maximum margin of error +/- 2.1%) finds even stronger support for fair savings taxes among those with term deposits with 83% supporting (61% strongly support and 22% support).




  • There is a clear view that taxes “need to be reduced to be fair”.
  • The majority agree that lowering taxes on savings would be better for savers and New Zealand.
  • 48% want their MP to vote for fairer savings taxes.


 Savings tax cut support


savings tax statements graph


The FSC and campaign partners Age Concern, Consumer NZ and the Taxpayers' Union have launched a web site through which those wanting lower taxes can ask their MP and party leaders and finance spokespeople to change taxes.