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Down in the dumps over engine woes - and he's a winner!

1 Oct 14

Down in the dumps over engine woes - and he's a winner!
Our prize arrives at a great time! You too can win on December 31!

His vehicle engine blew up and he was “sitting down getting into the dumps”– when Horizon called to say he’d won our September 30 draw.


John, of Hamilton, a member of Horizon’s Maori Panel, not surprisingly decided to take cash instead of an iPad Air – and add that to $1000 cash – for a total windfall of $1759!


“Jingos, that is Christmas,” the oil processor said when told of the news. “I am going from a famine to a feast. A few negative things have happened –my vehicle’s blown up, the head’s cracked, and I was sitting here thinking good things have to happen.”


All members of Horizon’s HorizonPoll and Maori panels, representing the New Zealand a Maori adult populations, were in the September 30 draw. And all members are now in the next draw, on December 31 for $1000 cash and an iPad Air – or, like John, you can take the lot in cash!

Horizon also drew two special $50 cash prizes, for respondents to our September 26 survey covering internet TV subscription options and what music New Zealanders want to be able to download online.


Winners are Megan S and Tim C, both of Wellington.


Congratulations!  If you're not yet a member of Horizon's panels you're welcome to join right now - and be heard!