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Flexing housing muscle trouble for Govt?

6 May 15

Credit: Radio NZ
Flexing housing muscle trouble for Govt?
Housing Minister Nick Smith ... powers to override are there if needed

Do Aucklanders still want to decide the shape of their city, not central government?

Housing Minister Nick Smith, in a story first broken by Radio NZ,  has reminded Auckland Council that the Government has powers to decide where Special Housing Areas will be built in the city if the council won't create them. However, Aucklanders strongly opposed this power being created  in 2013, according to this HorizonPoll at the time..

If Aucklanders still feel this way it could indicate trouble for the Government in the country's biggest city, now experiencing house price inflation of $1000 per day and growing transport problems which can only be met with rates rises to underpin more borrowing. That is, unless the Government uses more taxpayers' money, or allows the re-introduction of a regional fuel tax or motorway tolls. It repealed regional fuel taxes and rejects tolling motorways.

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