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Prolific prize hunter strikes our $2199 cash pot!

6 Jul 17

Credit: Next draw September 30!
Prolific prize hunter strikes our $2199 cash pot!

He's says he is a "fairly prolific" prize hunter and this is one of his biggest wins yet.

A work-from-home Auckland business consultant has won our June 30 prize draw and elected to take $2199 cash.

Rob D, of the North Shore, says he's been entering 1 or 2 internet survey and prize draws a week for the past 10 years.

His biggest prizes so far are a heat pump, now installed in his house, and a washing machine and dryer, gifted to his daughter - " so a couple of grand (from Horizon) is cool".

Rob has completed 88 HorizonPoll surveys since 2012.

All members of the HorizonPoll panel and Horizon Research Maori Panel are now automatically entered in our next major prize draw on September 30. It's for $1000 cash and the latest iPhone 7, or the lot in cash: $2199!

You receive an extra entry for each survey completed.

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