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$100 cash - what a surprise!

28 Nov 17

$100 cash - what a surprise!

A Waitakere fabrication welder has won our November 24 midnight $100 cash prize survey draw.

Michelle L join our HiroznPoll panel in October 2017.

Two 18-24 year-olds won our special $100 cash draws for completing a property market survey in October 2017.

Surprise and delight was the reaction from both: Chloe, who works on a dairy farm in the Ashburton area, and Antonia, a Wellinton beneficiary.

They were looking forward to treating themselves.

Like all members of our HorizonPoll and Horizon Research Maori panels, they're in our next draw on December 31, 2017, for $1000 cash or an iPhone 7 valued at $1199. Or the winner can take the lot in cash - $2199!

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