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What you're saying about the super city Mayoral candidates!

17 Sep 10

What you're saying about the super city Mayoral candidates!

Here are HorizonPoll voters' comments on leading Auckland super city Mayoral candidates John Banks and Len Brown, after voting 29% to 17% for Brown over Banks.


Some 37% were undecided, according to the August 24- September 16 weighted survey covering 1025 respondents. It also shows Banks is making more voters feel angry and uncomfortable than Brown, while Brown is making more feel hopeful.


  • John Banks Arrogant
  • all are in it for the money and power not for the good of Auckland, we need some fresh thinking alternate minded person who isn't going to look after his own region (i.e. Banks will look out for CBD first , Brown will care for his Southern boarders first and Williams the Northern )
  • All these candidates are standing for their own benefit, not for the people of Auckland.
  • am concerned at the poor quality of candidates
  • Am hopeful for Len Brown as he has the community at heart, but not convinced he is up to the task. Nervous about the level of control from Central Govt i.e. Wellington would have with John Banks.
  • Andrew Williams - frustrated, he is an idiot
    Len Brown - Soft
    John Banks - Self serving, ignorant
  • Andrew Williams has destroyed his credibility through his antics
  • Andrew Williams is a nutter and Len Brown embarrassed himself over his antics in trying to explain his expenses, sorry, not for me that sort of behaviour, at least Banks has balls
  • Andrew Williams seems unstable to say the least. Len Brown is duplicit with statements about his expenses. Ditto for not bringing pressure on councillors such as Dick Quax who wasted money and money spent on management courses.
  • Andrew Williams should have resigned
  • Banks and Rodney Hide are far too closely associated for my comfort. I don't trust either. Williams may be an OK guy but he does not seem to appreciate how his personal behaviour, maybe acceptable in an ordinary bloke, can impact his effectiveness in office.
  • Banks cannot be trusted e.g. making money out of traffic fines. Is a pal of wealthy businessmen.
  • Banks is too far to the Right; Brown has issues re credit card spending which means I don't trust him; Williams is an unknown.
  • Banks might do better job in long run but his style of leadership has no appeal.
  • Believe John Banks has the experience to organise the efficient running of a large city because of his background.
  • believe they are corrupt
  • Brown very friendly & approachable. Williams seems a bit of a bully. banks too tied with big business
  • Does Banks mean what he says - doubtful - says what he thinks people want to hear. Could Brown cope with the stress - face beating says no. Williams is a joke.
  • done good things for the community
  • Don't believe they can know anything outside of their own mayoralty so would prefer to see someone who isn't an incumbent mayor to take on this particular position. It would also ensure that political allegiances could be ignored.
  • Don't know enough about them yet.
  • Don't trust John Banks, he thinks he's a know all and he's got Auckland in enough debt already
  • Don't trust Len Brown. Too Left leaning and too pro-Maori Separatist for my liking. Rather colourless too.
  • Each of the above has performed somewhat negatively in the media over the last few months.
  • find them all pains
  • God help us if we get John Banks
  • have all got heads in the trough have all miss used public funds at some point and will look out for themselves before others
  • Have had more important to things to think about
  • Haven't been given any information on what's fully going on. Think this should have been sent to voters before voting papers but all I have heard is that you can look online for the information!
  • Haven't really thought about Super City Mayoralty and not really too interested.
  • hopefully Len brown will win
  • I am a supporter of Len Brown. He is my current mayor and has continued the great legacy Sir Barry Curtis left to the Manukau region. I admire his strong environmental and liberal views and feel he and his council are in tune with the problems and needs of their community
  • I am concerned about Len Browns and Andrew Williams experience to run a large super city. I feel John Banks has had the exposure to a large area and has made his mistakes and is ready to take on the role of the Mayor of the Super City
  • I am Pacific Islander from the Cook Islands but move Auckland for work and family.
    Mr Len Brown WE very proud of his services and performs excellents to our community
  • I believe Banks is out to asset strip all the cities, Brown is flaky and doesn't know what he's taking on and Williams is just looking to write his name larger in the history books.
  • I believe John Banks will do a very good job Auckland mayoralty he has very sound ideas, and I believe he is working FOR the future off all Auckland people.
  • I believe John Banks and Len Brown represent opposite ends of Auckland's population mix. John Banks will represent high income residents and Len Brown will represent low income residents.
  • I do not know enough of the other nominees to be able to make a judgement
  • I do not trust John Banks & privatisation. Too business-friendly
  • I don’t believe in John Banks, and have little faith that he suits the position; I don’t want a super city full stop...
  • I don't know Len Brown or Andrew Williams well enough to make any comments at this stage
  • I don't know much about each candidate
  • I don’t like the kind of people who apply for these jobs...
  • I don't really know enough to comment more positively.
  • I don’t really know these candidates but if I have to read about them I will pick from there the person that I will give my vote.
  • I feel that John Banks is a very poor mayor
  • I have no idea who Len Brown and Andrew Williams are and I don't know anything about John Banks other than other people think he's a dick. I haven't had any info about any of these candidates.
  • I have put up with 3 years of Andrew Williams Mayoralty on the North Shore and most of what he has led does not support the majority of North Shore People. I believe he is on a power trip
  • I have recently returned to NZ after an extended period overseas so know very little of these candidates
  • I hope Len Brown wins
  • I like the fact that Len Brown has some sort of vision for Auckland beyond bigger and better!
  • I never vote/
  • I personally do not trust John Banks and whatever he says...
  • I prefer Len Brown because he did a lot of good developments in Manukau area
  • I strongly dislike John Banks and his policies
  • I think J Banks has a good chance at winning but I also think he is up against strong opposition with Len brown because he has a big following in south Auckland
  • I think Len Brown as mayor of Manukau City has done a good job, so as the new mayor super city would do well.
  • I think that the candidates have not put much information about themselves and what they are willing to provide for Auckland. I don't really know much about them
  • I think John Banks is dodgy and not very equal when it comes to people of different nationalities while Len Brown is from South Side he would be more sympathetic and more fare
  • I will vote for Len Brown because he understands the minority populations in and around South Auckland
    Second option is Andrew Williams because he is pragmatic
    John Banks is a good businessman and sharp in financial matters and has connections in business and government but sometimes I feel he lacks empathy with the minorities
  • I wish Len brown makes it. otherwise we will all suffer again as we did with national coming in
  • I won't be voting for Bus Lane Banks who is lying on his back having his tummy rubbed by the green communists. It is because of that (insert rude word of own choice. Mine is not printable) that I can no longer use Grafton Bridge. I hope to see the last of him and to see his Central Connector disconnected. He also put bike lanes on Rockfield Rd which means that when I walk across it the cars come much closer because they are keeping out of the similarities empty bike lane. It is very disturbing and dangerous for pedestrians now. Mr Brown wants racially separate seats on the Auckland Dictatorship. We should be bringing people together by emphasising our similarities not driving people apart by emphasising our differences. He is also railway mad which means he is in favour of the technology of 1830.
  • I would much rather stay under the Franklin umbrella, and am ignorant of how it will advantage or disadvantage us having all the councils combined
  • I would never vote for John Banks. When he was Mayor of Auckland and sold the council flats in Howe Street, Auckland, over the heads of the poor people residing in those flats - that did it for me. In spite of his so called change of attitude, I see him as a person who is cruel and arrogant with a need for power. Leopards don't change their spots
  • If John Banks was not in the Poll I would probably not vote. As he is - I will definitely vote to help keep him out of mayoralty
  • If Mr Banks is Honest and has learned from his many mistakes then maybe he will make a good Mayor. He just needs to be Honest with us ALL.
  • It seems to me to be a two horse race, none of the many other candidates show up as prime movers
  • It’s hard to come across good people these!
  • John Banks : Not afraid to voice his opinion even it is not the status quo
  • John Banks a complete showman!! Auckland doesn’t need him.
  • John Banks acts like an arrogant prick
  • John banks don’t listen to his constituents and Andrew Williams is a very strange man. Len Brown has a proven track record
  • John Banks has a few hang-ups......he does show his negative feelings at times.

    Len Brown seems perhaps a more stable man.
    I don't know anything about Andrew Williams
  • John Banks has been good up to now. Why change what is working?
  • John Banks is a complete waste of space - I would NEVER EVER vote for him
  • John Banks is an idiot. Would never consider him at all. Would be ashamed to have him in "power".
  • John Banks is homophobic and religious.
  • John Banks is no visionary in any environmental issues or front thinker solutions that can address public transport, bus lanes or any issues concerning Auckland today. He tries to introduce extra road lanes but it means more stress and unavailable parking to extortion high rates in Auckland city. Auckland city council is a local government public service facility not a business that thrives on making money. Because if he was a great mayor then the money would of been invested into providing solutions to parking improving public awareness in terms of parking or bus lanes. Providing affordable public transport and affordable car parks for public vehicles. When you create more solutions you create more problems.
  • John Banks is nothing more than a pompous, bigot, he doesn't understand Aucklanders or what we want, never has, never will.
  • John Banks is taking the same line as another leader of our country and changes his mind according to what he believes is the most popular stance. However, his past record shows he cannot be trusted to consider the interests of the average Aucklander. The money for wider Auckland will go to the more affluent areas under John Banks as it is now.
  • John Banks is too rightwing and can't relate to any and every Kiwi like Len Brown can.
  • John Banks seems to do nothing more than write cheques he can't cash.
  • John Banks seems to follow popular opinion; I want someone who does what's best.
  • John Banks seems too uptight and conservative and seems to be in it for status, Len Brown has done a lot of good work in the Manukau area and is far more down to earth, although he did recently make a stuff up with spending taxpayer money for personal expenses thing, but I still prefer him to John Banks. Unfortunately I haven't heard of any of the other candidates so know nothing about them?
  • John Banks though he likes to get things done, sometimes has trouble in thinking how he's going to put it and he has the knack of upsetting people for no reason. Len Brown however, is for the people on poorer end of the scale, and is very tuned into their problems. He's a people's person.
  • John Banks very much transactional manager not inspirational- needs notes and huge support. & he will not handle things coming from left field. Len Brown great with people, more inspired thinking and more in tune with needs Auckland but little concern with his health. Andrew Williams moody and not up to it.
  • john banks would spend too much money and on the wrong things, has no respect for the history and heritage of the city
  • John Banks, probably but want a better candidate
    Len Brown OK until groceries etc on council credit card
    Andrew Williams shocking behaviour not suiting a mayor or anyone really
  • Len Brown - more down-to-earth - A people's person

    John Banks - too status seeking - likes to rule

    Andrew Williams - subject to whims
  • Len Brown has been in Local Govt for a long time but mayor only for a short time of Manukau. I think because the super city is going ahead we need to have a more experienced head so that leaves John Banks.
  • Len Brown has too much PC in Manukau - too many pedantic rules and regulations and makes it difficult to get anything done. His council has lost sight of the objectives and the new objective is to create PC values and is out of touch with reality. The policy seems to be to create more PC rules rather than look at how tasks can be accomplished
  • Len Brown has use credit card for personal use, isn't that like stealing tax payer's money? Andrew even worst
  • Len Brown is a good person who will look after local communities and tackle the big issues facing our region.
  • Len Brown is a wimp
  • Len Brown is more a man of the people, John Banks, well a leopard does not change its spots. I find him opinionated and sly. He turns with the wind.
  • John Banks is arrogant.
  • Len Brown seems to be nuts
  • Len Brown will get my vote because I don't want Banks and Len is the only other viable candidate
  • Len does not answer personal ratepayer correspondence, neither do the 2 councillors for my Ward. His office staff are unable to pass on requests for responses. Could not manage a piss up in a brewery
  • no
  • No - not personally enamoured of either of them based on their previous records as Mayors. But then I am really concerned about becoming the "Super City" given this has been driven by Rodney Hide who has a sneaky mean hidden agenda here... why fix something when it was working ok?
  • no comments
  • No one person stands out. As always we have to choose from the least worst.
  • None
  • None appear to achieved anything significant for the wider community.
  • none at all
  • None fit the bill ...the public 'service' concept is simply not there with any of these civil servants. these officials
  • None inspire any confidence in me.
  • None of them is really up to the job. the super city is a bad idea
  • None of these 3 candidates stand out as dynamic leaders. I'm sure there are better people not putting themselves forward who would inspire me far more.
  • Not caught up on the political side
  • Not sure that I like the idea of a super city. What we have already is hard enough to live with, with high rates and so much wasted money. Can't think that a single council is going to improve that.
  • Only like many politicians, they make many promises but never keep them.
  • Personally, I think the super city idea is so so and I do not really have any feelings towards it. I have worked in the non profit industry for a long time and have found local govt to be unreliable. I only really care about who I vote for party and prime minister
  • Professional Parasites.
  • Really don't think any of them are up to it. Also worry that, as usual, West Auckland will not be well represented. Of all the existing cities we have the most unusual environment that needs protection - west coast beaches & Waitakere Ranges.
  • the candidates that are not well known in New Zealand should get out there in the community and mix in. Also have their billboards more regular than few. Candidates should join in positive things that will make them stand out and a house hold name like other Auckland mayor.
  • These three candidates have all failed in my opinion since the race to become mayor in one area or another None of them are aware and big enough to fill the Super City shoes. I also don't like politics in Local Body elections.
  • They all have positives and negatives. Auckland is in for a rough ride, whatever the outcome.
  • They are all three out to feather their own nests and on an ego trip at the expense of the ratepayers
  • They aren't presented as being part of a team
  • They need to be open and transparent and inform people of Auckland of any possible things that may take money out of the pockets of the Auckland people. e.g. increase price of public transport or rates or water etc
  • they're all shitty choices
  • Too much publicity for john banks, tired of seeing him everywhere
  • ummmm, I need to study on all three candidates before I can comment :)
  • Very negative towards John Banks after he sold Pensioner flats in Auckland a few years ago
  • Very watchful of all media reported information, balanced with website candidates information that I check
  • We are in deep do do's if this is the best of the bunch. None of them give me any confidence in their ability to govern our major city.
  • We haven't got a lot of choice. As we live in a rural community it makes us the little fish in the sea and can't see a lot going for us in the new structure. Our needs are totally different to those in the urban areas. I only hope that whoever gets in will recognise it.
  • We rarely get info on the candidates running - also not totally interested (either way someone is going to get in and the super city is going ahead regardless of what I or anyone else says against it)
  • Will decide who to go with as they start to air their ideas and policies as election gets closer. Have read some editorials on them both but are still not convinced.
  • Would anyone remember us up here in Rodney?
  • Would be nice if these people would do some old fashioned politicking so that we could get to know them and make a reasonable choice. It almost seems that they don't want us to know too much about them
  • Would like to vote for Colin Craig but I may end up voting for Banks if the race with Brown remains tight.
  • Would need to learn more about Andrew Williams, have seen John Banks and Len Brown via media etc, not overly impressed. Auckland should be a place to thrive and grow for the average Aucklander it is becoming increasing difficult to hang on to that dream for a lot of Average hardworking Aucklanders. The super city may be the end and generate rich and poor and no in between.
  • Would prefer to stay as we are!
  • Wouldn’t touch banks with a barge pole don’t trust him at all; Liked Len Brown but went a bit flaky over credit card business; Not sure which one A Williams is
  • Wouldn't vote for Len Brown because he said he would be happy to have Sue Bradford on the council!
  • Yes, all of them. I have no idea who I will vote for. I need to do more research on the candidates. My vote will go to the person I hate the least.
  • Yes, Len Brown caught with his nose in the trough like it seems left leaning politicians are inclined to do. Andrew Williams thinking it is ok to get caught "short" and pee in public whilst under the influence of alcohol. Neither are examples a person in a position of power should be setting.

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