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The enduring euthanasia majority

8 Jan 20

The enduring euthanasia majority
Seven years of majority support for euthanasia

Across 7 years of Horizon Research polling on end of life choice, public support has never been below 63%.

In fact, 63% was where it started in June 2012.

It rose to 65% in May 2018.

Since then it has been 70% or higher.

At November, 2019, after Parliament passed the End of Life Choice Bill - to be enacted subject to a binding referendum being held at the same time as the 2020 general election - support was at 70%, the No vote at 30%.

That's around 2.5 million adults intending to vote Yes and 1 million No.

Support was measured with slightly differently-worded questions in some surveys, variously refering to end of life choice, medically assisted dying or euthansia, but the overall trend reflects support in general for end of life choice.

Horizon's results have consistently reflected those of other polling companies, according to this review of results overall by Otago University, published in 2018.