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This prize will sprout veges!

23 Jan 20

Credit: VegePod NZ
This prize will sprout veges!
This prize will keep giving - in the garden!

Auckland father James P is going to invest his major $2,199 HorizonPoll win in growing food.

He says he's going to help his family by buying a vegetable pod.

He thinks it the sustainable thing to do - and a positive activity for this children.

James has been a HorizonPoll panel member since 2012, making his views count through 57 surveys.

"Your message that I'd won caught me quite off guard. It's a good way to start the new year. I forgot there were prizes involved."

He says answering Horizon surveys are a good way to speak up about environmental and other issues and to see what others are thinking.

"It's good to see results and if others care."

All members of our HorizonPoll  and Horizon Research Maori panels are in our March 31 draw for $1000 cash and an iPad Pro valued at $1200. Or, like James, you can take the lot in cash if you win!

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