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73% want unrushed and considered move to Level 2

3 May 20

73% want unrushed and considered move to Level 2
73% want unrushed and considered move to Level 2

New Zealanders want an evidence-based and unrushed decision on the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 2.

A nationwide Horizon Research survey during the first three days at Level 3 finds a nett 73% of adults think both “we shouldn’t rush into it” and “we should make a considered decision based on trends”.

23% say their view depends on what the conditions are for Level 2.

Just 5% want to go straight from Level 3 to no restrictions.

Horizon says some are eager to move: 13% say it “can’t come soon enough”.

Overall results for each option (not nett):

Views by Party vote:

Agreement with the view that a considered decision should be made based on trends is at around the same levels among those who voted at the 2017 general election for National, Labour and New Zealand First.

Among Green voters, 64% want a considered decision. Among ACT voters support for this view is at just 10%.

Compliance keeps riding high at 98%

Amid reports and complaints about people breaching Level 2 rules, and large numbers returning to work and engaging in contactless shopping, compliance with restrictions remained extremely high.

  • 98% said they were complying in the first three days of Level 3
  • 1% were not and
  • 1% preferred not to say.

Horizon says this continues extremely high compliance levels measured in four surveys since Alert Level 4 restrictions were applied in March. An April 7-14 Horizon survey found 96% compliance, indicating a strong nationwide commitment to managing the CVODI-19 threat.

The results indicate around 35,900 adults are not complying during the first three days of Level 2, while an estimated 3,532,600 are.

The survey has 1,151 respondents aged 18+. It was conducted using the specialist national online  HorizonPoll research panel between April 28 and 30, 2020. Weighted by age, gender, employment status, educational level and region/ local government area to provide a representative sample of the 18+ population at the 2018 census, the maximum margin of error, at a 95% confidence level, is +/- 2.9% overall.

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Note: This story has been updated. An earlier version reported a combined 88% thought a Level 2 decision should not be rushed or should be based on trends. As respondents could choose multiple answers, the nett number selecting these two options is 73%.