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Working off the mortgage - and getting a new computer!

19 Jan 21

Working off the mortgage - and getting a new computer!

Doug, of Wigram, Christchurch, is planning to spend his major $2,199 HorizonPoll cash prize win upgading his computer.

The 65+ year-old inwards and outwards goods worker says he still has a mortgage ("so I can’t retire – yet").

"I think its time for a Computer upgrade, so that’s where the funds will go.

"You often read about such windfalls happening to other people, and often wonder if there really are any winners! Now I know it to be true."

Doug completed his first HorizonPoll survey in May, 2011.

"I enjoy being a part of the HorizonPoll panel – I like to think my opinions count to someone somewhere and the fact that these are by kiwis for kiwis is an added bonus."

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