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Prize winner heads for the Hokianga

6 Apr 21

Credit: janenz
Prize winner heads for the Hokianga
Homeward to Hokianga with the prize money!

Our March 31 major prize draw winner will be using the money to help pay for five-hour return trips from Wellington to her family's Hokianga home.

Donna, of Ngāpuhi, and living in Wellington for the past 20 years, makes the journey to help a cousin maintain the home once occupied by her parents and grandparents.

Donna joined the Horizon Research Māori Panel in March 2011.

With a background in developing Māori educational unit standards, and with an adult grandson living with her, she says she takes an interest in what is happening and saying what she thinks is right for Māori .

"So I want to have my say (through surveys)," she says.

She says every appliance was updated during CVOI-19 lockdown and, because of her grandson, the household doesn't need any more "techno devices".

So the prize will most likely be paying for several 5-hour return trips to the Hokianga.

All members of both the HorizonPoll and Maori panels are automatically in our next major prize draw on June 30, 2021!

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