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Flash cash news amid a flood

19 Aug 22

Flash cash news amid a flood

Reece got the good news amid a rainy and flooding day in Nelson.

He won an instant extra $100 cash prize draw for completing a special health study survey.

He was recovering from shoulder surgery when we broke the news.

He says he’ll probably put the $100 into savings.

"It's a nice surprise to receive the prize on such a rainy day in Nelson," he says.

Denny of Auckland is a second $100 cash prizedraw winner for responding to the same survey.

He’ll be spending the money on "Friday night treats for the whanau".

We also have two winners who responded to a whanau health survey in August 2022:

Lee-anne of Hamilton says the cash is going to help with a coming netball tour!

Melissa, of Palmerston North, says it's nice to have won. She's not sure what she'll spend it on - "but it's nice to have a bit extra cash this month".

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