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What a prize - what a party!

4 Oct 22

What a prize - what a party!

Trevor's $2,199 major HorizonPoll cash draw win means the big birthday party's been paid for.

The retired Blenheim Horizon panel member's partner had an 80th birthday party the week before.

"It's an amazing thing. This will replace the $2,100 I took out last week to pay for the party!"

Trevor has been completing Horizon's surveys since 2010.

"Thank you very much for the good news

"I have completed your surveys, never with intention of winning a prize, so I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you."

All Horizon panel members are in our next major prize draw on December 30!

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$500 cash prize winner - for inviting a friend to join!

A Dunedin HorizonPoll panel member, Judith T, has won our $500 cash prize draw - for successfully inviting others to join the HorizonPoll panel.

Judith, a panel member since 2010, sent two invitations - and one joined.

Panel members have an opportunity to enter this additional prize draw by sending confidential invitations to friends! You need to be a registered member to do this.