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Why our winner does surveys

6 Jul 23

Why our winner does surveys

Faye T, of Manukau, Auckland, has won our June 30 2023, $500 cash draw for referring others to join our HorizonPoll panel.

Faye, aged 45-54yrs, says she invited mainly family to join.
(Any member inviting others to join gets an entry in the quarterly draw for each person who accepts their invitation).

Why does Faye do Horizon's surveys?

"Survey(ing) helps us reveal what's happening in our own country. With everything revealed, it helps us plan accordingly and find ways to help others save financially or to help make our lives better."

$1,000 cash and iPadPro winner: total value $2,199!

Sean McC, of Wellington, has won our major June 30 prize draw, valued at $2,199.

Sean, a Wellington professional working in the property industry, has a choice of taking the $1,000 cash and an iPad Pro valued at $1,199 - or asking for the lot in cash: $2,199.

All members of Horizon's research panels are in the next major prize draw on September 30!

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