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TV3-HorizonPoll surveys align on tax reform

14 Dec 10

TV3-HorizonPoll surveys align on tax reform
The Standard ... political bloggers lash out on the poll results

A survey conducted for TV3 lines up with an earlier HorizonPoll one showing few think they have benefitted from major tax reforms.


The TV3 survey of 1000 voters by Read Research has shown 70 percent of voters haven't noticed any benefit from the October tax cuts, which Prime Minister John Key is finding difficult to understand.


The TV3 poll asked voters: Have you noticed your tax cut and what are you doing with it?


The result was: 70 percent said they hadn't noticed any difference, 14 percent said they were spending it, and 12 percent said they were saving it.


"I'm a little surprised, actually," Mr Key said at his post-cabinet press conference today, TV 3 reports.


"The moves we've made have had quite an impact on the pay packets of most New Zealanders."


Labour leader Phil Goff wasn't surprised.


"The rich have done really well out of those tax cuts but for most New Zealanders, they're still struggling to make ends meet," he said.


An earlier survey by HorizonPoll finds only 8.4% say they feel better off as a result of October’s major tax reforms. 


Some 53.5% say they are worse off after tax cuts and rises in benefits and GST. 

Some 35.6% say they are neither better nor worse off, according to a nationwide HorizonPoll survey of 1,558 people conducted between November 16 and 19.


Weighted to represent the New Zealand population, the maximum margin of error is +/- 2.5%.


Political bloggers are having a field day over the tax reform poll results.

Refer to The Standard, where debate even includes HorizonPoll’s methods.


For the record: Horizon has recruited a panel by sending invitations to a range of individual New Zealanders. In this way the panel matches the New Zealand population at the last census.


HorizonPoll also asks panel members how they voted in 2008, so can properly weight results to ensure a nationally representative population sample. Others can opt into the panel, but more than 90% of panelists are invited. The weighting system ensures nationally representative results.


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