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What do Kiwis expect in 2011?

7 Jan 11

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What do Kiwis expect in 2011?
Fun times ahead - or not? HorizonPoll's measuring the mood of the nation

HorizonPoll has launched its first survey for 2011 - covering what people expect to happen to them and the country this year.


The Mood of The Nation survey seeks views and feelings on what it's like living in New Zealand right now, and how the year ahead will be for individuals  and the country: how happy Kiwis are, what life is like in their street, what they expect to happen to their incomes and  the country in the next 12 months.


A lot of decision makers, in business and politics, will take a keen interest in the responses. They will include whether or not Kiwis think they're heading for a double dip recession, through to spending intentions in areas like travel, housing and borrowing.


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